Each step of our process is meticulously outlined, from crop to cup. Our fair trade coffees are sourced from a limited supply of the highest quality beans available. We then specifically balance the degree of roast with the origin of the bean. In search of the most favorable climate for roasting, we set our sights on Las Vegas, Nevada. Our proprietary roasting process distinguishes the taste of our coffees by utilizing the naturally arid southwest air to create flavorful roasts. Unlike traditional drum roasting, which can burn or bake coffee, our coffees delicately roast on a proprietary clean burning J Gursey Modified Cloud Coffee Roaster. Our Roasters are American made and an industry favorite for their clean burning capabilities which produce less smoke, pollution and irritants during the roasting process.

Our Cloud Roasting process is different from traditional drum roasting techniques. Traditional drum roasting implements a conduction process, which uses a heated metal drum to roast the beans. This process can create an uneven roast, because only beans that come in contact with the metal drum are being roasted. As a result, drum roasting only allows beans to be roasted one side at a time. Since it is imperative coffee beans move around to achieve optimum flavor, our roasting process allows maximum movement. Air currents envelope the beans and heat is evenly distributed to produce fuller flavor roasts, every time.

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